Founded August 6 2014 by Carla Soto, Dayris Rodriguez & Francis Gotopo Roque

Sentir Venezuela-Dance Group is a non-profit organization that wants to express, promote and encourage interest in Venezuelan customs/traditions in Canada, through Venezuelan folk dance.


To be a cluster in the Venezuelan community in Canada, allowing the dissemination of our cultural and traditional values, as an artistic legacy for future Venezuelan – Canadian generations.


To become a cultural association, which promotes and encourage the Venezuelan values and traditions, as an artistic legacy for the future Canadian-Venezuelan generations.


  • To promote and pass on interest in Venezuelan customs and traditions in Canada, through our folk dance.
  • Integrating the Venezuelan – Canadian community in preserving our roots.
  • To be a meeting point for the Venezuelan community in Canada.
  • Enjoy our beautiful dance and show Canadians and other cultures in here, how a beautiful Venezuela is.